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Now having met HRH Prince Charles twice, I’d love to spread a rumour that it was the man himself that said the ‘Prince of Wales’ check will be big this coming a/w – it was in fact the runway of Marc Jacobs in New York recently that informed me of this (via the www) or was it Burberry, mmmmmm it’s been a long day. 

Let’s for the sake of flying the flag for us Brits in the States, it’s Christoper Bailey that started that rumour.  Prince of Wales (POW) check suits, POW trousers, POW big flared almost bell bottom style trousers. 

I believe velvet will be another big fabric for autumn / winter – try not to think too much Austin Power films and the ruffled blouse – but do think about wearing it with lace which was big in cream this summer, but now blacks and plum colour lace for a/w. Which reminds me I must buy a plum colour lipstick ready for autumn. MAC have the best but recently discovered Topshop make-up – high pigment staying power on their lipsticks so hopefully the plum, blackcherry colours will soon arrive. I’ll let you know when they do. 

Moving on from that Austin Powers film, I saw the Aviator on sky this week which very coincidentally brings me on to the ‘flying jacket’. Now that’s making a comeback – I am on the fence as to whether this will take off. Certainly will be warm but then so will the camel coat. This is alot more chic than the flying jacket don’t you think. 

Without fast forwarding to winter, I am debating when I should change my summer nudes for cool camels. 

One thing I will definitely take from summer to winter is the lace ankle sock, as worn with these Kurt Geiger platforms, but in a darker colour.  They will look great in autumn with kitten heels ( I, unfortunately, am only 5ft 2” – or Dannii Minogue’s height as I prefer to say) shall still be sporting those platforms well into winter and 2011.  I can’t deny the kittens will be great for the office though – and maybe trade the lace socks for wool. 

Looking forward to the shops clearing the floors of their sale items, bring on the new season. ZARA may I add have already brought in their ‘working girl ‘camels’. Can’t wait to team with Prince of Wales check – POW WOW.

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8 Responses to POW WOW . Style blog

  1. sam says:

    love the Zara…wonder if they will ever do a Kate Moss line like Top Shop?

  2. Amanda Watts says:

    Top tips Bee, I have just purchased myself a lovely camel coloured skirt after being enspired by your POW blog, all I have to do now is get me some velvet loveliness and lacey gloves, a la Madonnaesque, and I’m ready to rock the a/w season!!! x

  3. Lorna says:

    Amazing!! You’ve really inspired my future wardrobe!! Its like having my own personal SJP! keep them coming!

  4. Kirsty Hartland says:

    May i add, My children have been actively following your blog and suggested i buy myself a pair of the blue and cork platforms you pictured! The reason for that being: once i don them,there is absolutely no chance of my running and catching them when they try to escape me!!!! So i reminded them of the dockers that i will be hunting down!!! their enthusiasm kinda waned!!!! So, now i have your blog to myself again!!!! ; )))) lovin yur fashion commetary, its been a long time coming Bee!!!

  5. Clair Thomas says:

    Hey bee!!!! Loving the blog!!! A woman after my own heart!!!!
    I’ve been lusting after lace ankle socks- black and cream- like the ones u got pictured!!! Where best to get em from??
    Love clair 🙂 xxxxx

    • Hi clair – Topshop cream lace ones – £5. They have a really cute flowery lace pair but you can only get them on-line or flagship stores. H&M also do them though, Hope that helps. Bee x

  6. sam says:

    do you know if the capes should be worn just camel…will black ones be in style this season?

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