Accessories Queen

I wonder how mischievous I could be today – sporting a pair of BNTM’s ‘Grace Woodward’ style glasses (£15 from Topshop) – 3  people failed to recognise me this morning.  I could have fun with this.

Today, my blog is for my colleague, the ‘accessories queen’ … and also for my other stylish friend whose trade mark statement include Vivienne Westwood jewellery (who BTW currently have 60% off selected items) and Chanel glasses (which is great as any day soon they will be classed as ‘vintage’). Anyhow, following on from my last ‘PoW’ blog ‘check’ out this great headband spotted in store yesterday.

See ya,  Bee

p.s. 20% off at Dorothy Perkins today (Thursday 12th August) and tomorrow – great accessories, even better value.

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5 Responses to Accessories Queen

  1. Jayne says:

    Great to have the heads up on DP discount days – normally hear about it when its to late!
    Look forward to your next blog.


  2. kate says:

    I am coming over from Canada and have heard about Top Shop…are they located everywhere in the UK?

    • Hi Katy. Thanks for checkng out my blog.

      Topshops are everywhere in UK, you will have not problem finding one in any of the cities. You simply must check out one of the flagship stores though – Liverpool or Oxford Street (where they have a nail bar, celebrity hair salon and a great vintage section instore, in addition to the great designer collaborations). As you’ve no doubt heard New York (on Broadway if my memory serves my correctly) opened a flagship store last year and it is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. A fellow Canadian has advised me that Topshop will ship to Canada if you do shop on-line (but do check on import duties and taxes when ordering) but there is nothing quite like that ‘warm fuzzy’ feeling when you see & feel that perfect purchase right???
      Bye for now. Bee x

  3. Lorna says:

    Thanks for letting me know about the viv westwood discount!!

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