…and today the ‘leather’ is scorchio

Leather is even bigger this coming season than last – leather dresses, trousers, skirts and t-shirts (yes t-shirts) – thankfully, as I wore mine for all of 5 minutes in the summer. 

M&S are retailing at  £85 but Next have a great brown one for a bargain £35.

This Chloe dress has to be my ultimate favourite though. 

Thanks for looking.  Bee x

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4 Responses to …and today the ‘leather’ is scorchio

  1. beth maslen says:

    Loving the brown leather look dress in next, may have to purchase one Queen Bee! xx

    • I certainly approve. My black one shall be resurfacing again this season – plus, I should really try to wear things more than once before they go on ebay.

      Li the Bee xx

  2. TC says:

    Great blog – think the Daily Mail thinks so too, as you are stealing a march on all their features:

    Aviator jackets… leather… camels…

    Your blog is much wittier and better tho!

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