I’m not about to blog on the Mother City of South Africa … but another picture of loveliness – the ‘Cape’ – soon to be all over ‘Town’.

I spent two hours last week trying to dig mine out of storage from 5 years ago.  I can’t decide if I felt more like Sherlock Holmes detecting it’s location OR when actually wearing my cape.

Tip: Note to self (and other autumn / winter cape wearers) do not use shoulder bag at the same time, it constantly falls off – stick to a hand-held bag.

Check out these few capes I’ve spotted already. Reiss, Top shop and a bargain at Zara.

Talking of Zara they are FINALLY going on-line. As of next week you’ll be able to order items via the www before they hit the shop.  Hoorah!!!

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3 Responses to CAPE TOWN

  1. beth maslen says:

    I also still have my cape form a few years ago, will have to dig it out xx

  2. Clair Thomas says:

    Yeah I got one somewhere guess I need to do sum exploring in the attic!!! 🙂 still loving the blog bee xxx

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