I would be mistaken if I thought a few Christmas lists are not those of adults with the likes of ‘bib’ and ‘babygrow’ (aka ‘onesie’) on the early letters to Santa.

No need to head for Mothercare.  The statement bit of jewellery for the festive season is the jewelled ‘bib’ and available from high street as well as high-end stores.

Babygrows are also everywhere for adults.  Looking out of the window at the cold and wet weather I couldn’t think of anything more appealing at the moment – although if I invested in one I do think the boyfriend would think I’m having a dress rehearsal for the New Year’s Eve fancy dress party!

This Topshop one is cute and a little more sexy than the cheap and cheerful ones in Primark – but I may well invest in the latter (pictured) just to see the look on his face.  Yes, even I will have a Primark fix once a year – but it takes me the whole 355 days to psych myself up for it.  They really should go on-line, although the postage would probably cost more than the items purchased right?

Bye for now, Bee xxx

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