People of the world don’t just have duck feathered duvets these days.    We’re talking anything from feathered boots to feather false eyelashes (I kid you not) can be seen in stores across the nation.  Love this nude cape [pictured].

Ok you run the risk of looking like an ostrich if you over-do it, (as I did  – though 2 years on the skirt is back my popular demand [pictured £75 Topshop]).  I also had a little ‘Hansel and Gretel’ moment in it (minus the breadcrumbs), leaving a trail of feathers everywhere I went.

 If you’d rather be subtle (and in true Blair Waldorf style) the old faithful feather headband still popular this season – a feathered hair pin can look cute too…

… and, I’m sure girlfriends, you can work the ‘feathered earrings’ look better than Wagner. 

Love this bag from Accessorise £35 and Kurt Geiger boots £380  [pictured above].  BTW KG have 20% off until 12th December.

Come on let me see you shake your tail feathers !!!      Bee xxx

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    • Hi there,
      The theme was chosen from one of the Dashboad options when I set up the wordpress site. There were a wide variety but this one I thought was the funkiest, especially as there is a lot of animal print around at the moment.
      Hope that helps.
      Thanks for looking,

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