Ok so you’re all looking for more reasons and inspiration to maintain your New Year resolution.  Yesterday was D-Day for alot of people that made a pact to get fit – and after a month of slogging in the gym, it’s now February, and the resolution is starting to slack for many (with hope that the clothes are too).

Don’t throw in the towel just yet!  Ok ditch your gym bag if really have to, but don’t ditch it’s contents, just simply transfer them to one of spring / summer bright as you like holdall.  [pictured: Marks & Spencer]

I’ve been trying to convince  my good friend for  20 years that exercise will always be bang on trend, but why I have never actually sold it to her as ‘a trip to the gym can also be a fashion parade’ I’ll never know.  That would sound much more appealling to any non-sport enthusiast. 

It’s not the law to wear leggings and a baggy tee, then again it’s not the law to look like you’ve been sponsored by Nike either – but why not make the effort to spice up your kit.   It will certainly distract from the damp skin and flushed cheeks.  Who says you can’t look hot in the gym in more ways than one.

Ok so I’ve had a few strange looks from wearing a sports dress to a class – but you don’t see the Williams sisters, being criticized for their infamous funky ones.  Hey, we all need a little help to make a kettlebell lunge more feminine so the tennis dress or a pair of skorts are perfect.   Pro-direct do some great ones [pictured left and above] & who says you have to have a great back-hand to wear.

Stella McCartney’s sportswear is worth all the pain of an intense workout but a funky high street brand that has some real snazzy numbers is Sweaty Betty (training top pictured left and matching jacket]


Choose from funky light workout wear in the brightest of colours – perfect for the Zumba or Latino fit.  Check out these Stella for Adidas leggings [pictured]…..or the sharp cut silhouette for the hardcore fitness fanatics.  


Nike dri-fit has to be a favourite though – guaranteed no sweat patches … and you’ll often get a bargain at like this white Nike jacket. 

Next have also upped their ‘game’ in their sports section too.


.. and… you know how playsuits are big again this summer, well, they are in the gym too.  Check out my latest find [pictured left] again from Sweaty Betty – I shall be ‘sporting’ very soon.  Just wish it had a built in Shock Absorber.

TTFN  Bee xxx       

p.s.  The ‘Abs’ pictured above are not for sale 

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