Some people are trying to get the last innings of their ski goggles before the meltdown.  Others  simply wish to trade their prescription glasses for a softer shade or tortoise shell to match a spring wardrobe.  Whilst the young and hip just want to upgrade their BNTM Grace Woodward style geek chic glasses. 

For the mature or young spec wearers, part-time, driving, reading or ‘just for show’ spec lovers – I have news for you.   TV style guru Gok Wan has just unveiled his debut collection of glasses exclusively at Specsavers and all under £100. 

Loving this retro orange pair [pictured right] from Gok’s new range.  perfect with this summer’s bright fabrics.

Personally, I am longing for sunshine on my face and not just for a bit of vitamin D or a tan, but primarily as a much needed excuse to buy yet another pair of sunglasses.  Love these from Oasis [ pictured right] – very Studio 54.

I tell myself every year that this will be the last pair of designer shades I will buy for a while with an intention of making them my summer staple for at least 3 years – then the likes of Tom Ford bring out another to die-for collection.

Also great for hiding eyebags.  Great headband when indoors too. Three excuses = more than enough.

‘See’ ya.

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  1. Sonya Ghenzi says:

    i tried unsuccessfully to find the blue Gok Wan Glasses featured on this page . (Just above). Can you give more information so I can look for them?
    Thanks a lot

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