If Easter doesn’t give you a good enough excuse to wear a bonnet,  it’s that time of year when the wedding invites and glamorous outdoor events fall upon us, so that should justify. 

To me that doesn’t just mean a new outfit (I buy one of those for an opening of a crisp packet) but the perfect excuse to work some serious headgear.

You gotta love the cool spin on the sombrero for a day at the races or perfect to go all out for a Polo event.  These chic wide-brimmed hats are meant to be slimming too.  Bonus. [pictured left from River Island].


How cute is the Charleston-esque cloche hats.  Love this one from Anthropolologie [pictured right]


and who said a sports cap is the only hat appropriate for golf.   Love the trilby, fedora or panama as a quirky alternative, they are not just for cricket. [pictured left from Next]

Personally, I’m digging the ‘70s vibe right now, and there’s no better accessory to rev up that look than a retro-fied floppy hat. 

I bought the perfect one in a vintage shop lately [pictured].  Regardless of it’s description, this style of hat definitely won’t be a ‘flop’ this summer.


Pictured right by Melissa Odabash.  As much as I love the sun on my face, I think I may just enjoy time in the shade more with one of these.

Bee x

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