I’ve started getting used to my boss asking if I’ve stopped traffic each morning (I’ll take that as a compliment though) – obviously noticing how I’ve totally exhausted colour blocking brights this summer.

So, without lessening the impact, or risk of blending into the background of the dull office décor, I’m all for maximising the prints  in early preparation for autumn / winter trend where prints will be even bigger. 

[pictured right from New Look]

Mixing and matching prints is usually a no-go area but this season (and next) anything goes.  The one-print rule no longer applies.

This summer we’ve seen eightes infused acid brights mixed with Ibiza bold florals, to juicy fruit prints mixed with psycelelic 60s retro – crazy combos- but somehow worked!  [pictured right from Oasis]

Print mixing, or ‘prixing’ as it’s been known, will take you into autum but wear slightly heavier fabrics.

Tapestry, patchwork, native American and Tribal will all be big.


Even the print queen DVF is mixing her infamous prints this autumn.   See similar high street at Topshop [pictured right], also available in a dress.

Rich tapestry and patchwork – even the most ‘must–have’ clutch bags this season have been a mixture of animal /colour block / tapestry combined.  Even wedges.

Love these ones (above) from Aldo.

Personally, I’m a fan of oriental prints and because they haven’t featured too much in high street shops (yet), it’s made me fall in love with the kimono this season.

[pictured right from River Island].

Happy Prixing, Bee x

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