I spent half of last summer looking for the perfect white jumpsuit.  I was trying to find a Bianca Jagger inspired wide legged one, but no joy.  This year, by magic, there was a white jumpsuit in Zara with my name all over it.

I love the abundance of all-white looks this season. So pure and clean-looking although the peekaboo back on this adds a little cheekiness.  I wore this with a metallic clutch but I’ll also team with a patterned blazer when feeling less classic… more jazz.

No doubt this number will be hard to keep spotless on a night out but thankfully I don’t drink red wine so no worries there!

[Jacket: Mango Watch: Michael Kors]

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3 Responses to PURE WHITE

  1. hagu says:

    love the jumpsuit…mine actually arrived today, so yeay!!! it is so pretty but it is a bit huge for me and ts size xs….so, i’m torn on whether to just keep it and alter or just return it and keep on searching for the perfect white classic jumpsuit

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